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klip vložil uživatel - 18.4.2020
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Ayy, what my homie, Mike P, say? Roll the windows up when I get in the car and I'mma light one up Hit the gas station, go and buy a cigar And we can smoke this blunt Speedin' on the Sunset Strip in the nighttime Yeah, tryna get fucked up (Ayy) Roll the windows up when I smoke and drive Uh, I'm to the grave with this I learned how to roll a joint before I shaved and shit (Shit, yeah) In seventh grade and shit I was smoking OG kush and lemon haze and shit Bad as fuck, I had it tucked inside my backpack in the front My dad had found it in a month He kicked me out, he had enough so I got up I'm in the kitchen, baking pizza with a crust For a paycheck I can go and spend on hella drugs, yeah Spaceships see me when I'm up, yeah I been a martian with no Elon Musk, yeah I'm in a party with the screw-ups and the sluts, yeah I'm rolling papers bigger than elephant tusks, yeah (Yeah) I'm in quarantine, but the weed man pulls up here I got a hundred packs of backwoods I can spend the next four months here I spent 10K cash, I might cough up both lungs here Filled up on gas and got high, but no stunts here Mask on when I'm outside, drive fast, don't waste time Ass on my face time, strap on my waistline Gucci, Fendi, Prada belt, hold it up, no Kreayshawn Give a fuck about these cops, put my hood on like Trayvon All that I know is a W over my clan, I feel like Raekwon Only time I get an L is when I be throwin' one up for the gang sign I been a king with the bars but now I can play the guitar and the bassline I heard them saying they doing it first, I'm doing this shit for the eighth time I used to want a pool, now I'm waking up and I got one in the backyard I break a lotta rules, so you know I be drivin' the whip like a NASCAR Never went Hollywood, got a house in the hills, I still smack y'all Never say no to the blunt, I smoke it 'til it's all the way down to the ash, y'all Roll the windows up when I get in the car and I'mma light one up Hit the gas station, go and buy a cigar And we can smoke this blunt Speedin' on the Sunset Strip in the nighttime Yeah, tryna get fucked up (Ayy) Roll the windows up when I smoke and drive


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